Recent security updates to web browsers placed more restrictions on iFrames that collect data. This has made a major impact on how we collect photos and videos through our iFrame collection form. At Boast, we’re always working to ensure that our platform is up-to-date and is easy to utilize as the web evolves. That’s why we created a new Javascript form embed code to replace the iFrame form embed code that previously existed.

The new Javascript submission form gives you and your customers a better experience on all browsers and has added design benefits as well. Find out what changes the Javascript submission form embed will bring and how to update your website to access it.

Here’s What’s New with the Javascript Form Embed Code

The new Javascript form embeds not only helps solve issues surrounding iFrame security but has a few additional benefits as well. First, using Javascript removes the browser compatibility and security issues that have recently arisen with iFrames. This means that access to the camera portions of the form will no longer be blocked in certain browsers creating a smoother experience in all browsers. Another benefit of the Javascript form is that it will take on the styles of the website it’s placed on. This means that the form will blend into your website more seamlessly by inheriting your website’s CSS – allowing your fonts and colors to shine through.

How to Add the Javascript form to your Website

To add the Javascript submission form embed to your website, you’ll follow the same steps as adding the form before. First, you’ll log in to your Boast account. Then you’ll select your “Collect Testimonials” tab on your dashboard. From there, you’ll select the campaign in the drop down for the form you’d like to embed. Once selected, you’ll scroll down to step two and copy the Javascript embed code. Once copied, you can paste the embed code in the HTML on your website.

Platforms Compatible with the Javascript Submission Form Embed Code

The new Javascript submission form will work on any website that allows Javascript. This includes:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal

If your website falls under these platforms or allows Javascript in general, you’ll be able to incorporate the new embed form seamlessly into your website’s design.

Platforms Not Compatible with the Javascript Submission Form Embed Code

Some third-party hosted websites are not compatible with Javascript embed codes. This includes but is not limited to the following websites:

  • (not to be confused with the WordPress content management system)
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace

If your website is using one of these platforms, the Javascript form embed will not be compatible with your website. However, Boast is still compatible with your website in other ways. First, you can still link out to your form from your website. Using the Boast link, we give you the ability to send your customers to a boast hosted web page with access to your form. Secondly, we still offer an iFrame version of our testimonial display widgets which can be added to the website builders listed. Using the iFrame will cause submission issues for photos and video.

How the Javascript Embed Code Improves Design

Javascript, when added to your website, will take on the design using default font and color styles associated with your site. Now, by adding the Boast Javascript embed code to your website, it will blend into your content more seamlessly. This means you can incorporate your Boast form into campaigns and general testimonial pages on your website without adding custom CSS to the form from your Boast dashboard.